President's Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Mid Kent.

I am incredibly proud and honoured to have been elected this year as President of the Institute of Mid Kent. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Owen Morse on his very successful presidency during very challenging and unusual circumstances, and I look forward to continuing to build upon the superb foundations that have been laid by him, our council and our former presidents.

I am fully committed to continuing to deliver standards, professionalism and trust to all of our local members, and also for us to continue to provide a wide range of online CPD events and social events in order to engage with as many of our members as possible. After a turbulent couple of years, my key priority for the forthcoming year is to see the return of face to face CPD and networking events, which will complement the continuation of our online CPD offering. I also want to continue to explore the facilitation of more of our events being hosted in the East Kent area, following the incorporation of the East Kent institute into the Mid Kent Institute, and therefore allowing us to ensure that we are catering events to meet the needs of our members who are based slightly further afield. Please do get in touch and let us know if there are any specific topics which you would like covered, as we are always keen to hear from you.

Another key priority for the forthcoming year is to ensure the continued development of strong and effective relationships with our key local education and careers communities. I would like to see increased promotion of careers within all areas of our industry, and in particular would like to see us working even closer with our local schools, careers services and other pertinent local organisations in order to raise awareness of the vast array of career possibilities that lie within our industry.

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Natasha Saint
President at the Insurance Institute of Mid Kent


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