Thu 1 Sep. 2022

Fire! Risk and Revelations

The first online exhibition of the Insurance Museum launches with a bang this autumn, when Fire! Risk and Revelations goes live on 7th September. The launch coincides with the timing of the Great Fire of London – the event that was instrumental in highlighting the need for fire insurance, back at the end of the 17th century.

The Insurance Museum was the brainchild of Reg Brown, insurance veteran and former CII President, as well as a number of enthusiastic supporters, who have long been shouting about the need for a museum to share the fascinating story of insurance, to entertain and educate – as well as to encourage new talent into this important and exciting profession.

The online exhibition will consist of four fire galleries – telling the story of fire insurance from its birth, back in 1667 with the development of the insurance fire brigades, through to 1929.

One exhibition will be launched each month from September through to December, each stage of the story being supported with an engaging mix of interviews with experts, historical objects to view, animations and activities to download.

Reg Brown, Insurance Museum Chairman says – “I am both delighted and excited that the Insurance Museum has been able to adapt and continue progress through the pandemic, and that the patience and hard work of the Trustees, Jonathan Squirrell and the team at OB Brand Consultancy, and Howard Benge has finally produced something tangible to show for their efforts. We are all well aware of the difficulty employers are experiencing in their efforts to attract talent
to our profession. It’s been a constant theme throughout my career. I sincerely hope that Fire! Risk and Revelations will be the start of our efforts to do something about that.”

Howard Benge, Insurance Museum Director adds – “Fire Insurance is a great story for the Insurance Museum to tell. In Britain it sprang out of the Great Fire of London as a business opportunity. Along with the coffee houses and fire brigades, this is a really popular subject with the public and it has a lot of educational interest too. It also offers the chance to show people how insurance underpins society today, as well as in the past.”