Intl Men's Day - Session 1 - From Pain to Performance - (Kieran Mote)

Tuesday, 21 November 2023
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (UK time)
    • Kieran Mote, Owner & Director, Sports Rehab Lab, Southend-on-Sea

In the first of our lunchtime virtual sessions for International Men's Day, please join Kieran Mote of Sports Rehab Lab (based in Southend-on-Sea) where delegates will learn about how to improve their physical health by developing a consistent approach to exercise, how to overcome injury and pain management, why physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle and how exercising regularly improves your physical health as we age.

Learning objectives

- Help sedentary individuals to compile a consistent routine in exercise, however the lifestyle is led

- Overcome hurdles in limiting a physical lifestyle, focusing on injuries and pain management

- Help change mindsets to a positive outlook on why physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle

- Increase awareness of the risks of no regular physical activity - You don’t stop exercising due to age, you age because you don’t exercise.

About the Speaker

Kieran Mote is a recently published magazine article writer and regular guest on local radio discussing injury prevention as well as Event Director of Chalkwell Beach parkrun.

Kieran is a fully qualified sports therapist, strength and conditioning coach and run mechanics educator offering a range of solutions to maintain physical health and strength to promote longevity in active lifestyles, whether participating competitively or for fun.

Kieran trains from Para-Olympians to gym virgins, to achieve personal excellence and works with all physical abilities to promote and maintain physical well-being.

Kieran has built up a team of therapists at his Sports Rehab Lab offering specialist care and solutions for all matter of issues.

“Health is Wealth” – Virgil.

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Please note: This event is a regional collaboration between the local institutes in the area. Your booking details will be shared with the Insurance Institute of Chelmsford and South Essex, which is acting as the host institute for this event.