The Sheffield Insurance Institute, as it was first called, came into existence in 1912.

Sheffield had become an increasingly important industrial centre and it was logical that an institute be formed to support the large number of insurance companies who were establishing branch offices in the city. WW1 impacted on available personnel and only two people held the office of president during the institute's first six years. Between the two world wars this position was almost exclusively a senior insurance company manager. An exception being 1922 when, indicative of the importance of heavy industry in the region, a Yorkshire Coal Owners manager occupied the post

From the 1950s onward brokers and loss adjusters began to play an important part on the institute council and in recent years the annually appointed president has come from these sectors of the market.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary in 1987 a Past Presidents' Lunch was arranged and this has been part of the Institute's calendar ever since.

The annual dinner is the main social event and many distinguished guests have attended. In 1966 Margaret Thatcher, at the time a junior minister, was the principal speaker. In 1982, when Prime Minister, she sent a message of congratulations to Sheffield's first lady president.

Social and sporting events have always been part of the recreational programme. In the post war years these included inter-company football and cricket matches, snooker tournaments and swimming galas. There were quizzes and dinner dances. An annual golf day is still held, as is a snooker tournament and a quiz. In the 1970s Sheffield Junior Institute took a football team to play on the continent thus paving the way for the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Well before CPD was established Sheffield had a reputation for organising a successful programme of educational and academic meetings and this continues to this day. The institute has organised the insurance examinations in the city since its early days.

Evolution in the industry has brought changes the most significant being the formation of Sheffield Life and Pensions Society (SLAPS) which works alongside the council. In recent years Sheffield and Doncaster Institutes merged and personnel from other areas have been added to the local membership. Sheffield Institute now covers a geographical area well beyond the city boundaries and current serving members on the council reflect this.

The Insurance Institute of Sheffield celebrated its centenary in 2012 at Cutlers Hall with Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE delivering an inspiring speech, accompanied by his gold medals from four consecutive illustrating just what you can do with effort, commitment, hard work and talent.