Insurance Charities

The Insurance Charities

The Insurance Charities gives vital financial and practical support to past and present employees of the insurance industry, and their dependent relatives, who are suffering financial hardship.

The Insurance Charities was established in 1902 and has helped many thousands of people in an extraordinary variety of ways.

It is a charity that helps the young and the old; those who struggle to make ends meet and those faced with a sudden calamity of illness; and those struggling to cope with a child's special needs whether those be through disability or special educational requirements. The range is endless. Expert advice helps many people find the right support and direct financial assistance is provided to meet a wide range of needs.

Many people desperately in need of our support are unaware of our existence, and we welcome either direct enquiries or applications via a third party such as a company's welfare department or other charitable organisation.

The charity relies on donations and fundraising from Individuals, Local Institutes and Insurance Companies and Intermediaries.

In 2016 the Insurance Charities Awareness Week (ICAW) will take place from 20th – 24th June.

The purpose of this week is to spread awareness of the essential work they do, helping people who have worked in the insurance industry who now need help themselves.

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