Health & Safety Policy

A Health & Safety policy is not legally required for organisations employing less than five people. As most local insurance institutes are comprised of volunteers rather than employees, a formal Health & Safety policy is not required. However, it is recognised that as a responsible organisation a local institute should adopt a health and safety policy for events which it organises.

The Insurance Institute of Bournemouth (“IIB”) is run by a Council elected annually by its members at its Annual General Meeting. It is the responsibility of the Council to ensure that all events arranged on its behalf comply with its health and safety policy.

As the IIB does not have its own premises, all of its activities are held at venues owned by third parties. It is the responsibility of the Council member who books the venue to obtain a copy of its health and safety policy and review it to ensure that it complies with the IIB’s requirements.

The IIB’s requirements can be defined as follows:

  • The venue needs to provide a safe environment in which the IIB event can take place. This will include the provision of emergency procedures for evacuation in the event of fire or other significant incidents.
  • That adequate provision is made for disabled access.
  • If food and drink is being served at the venue then a current hygiene certificate is in place.
  • That adequate first aid facilities are available on site.
  • To check that the venue has a current employers’ and public liability policy in place.

The IIB will review its health and safety policy on an annual basis

Reviewed and approved by Council 17th January 2024