The Insurance Institute of Chelmsford & South Essex was originally established in 1932 as a local centre of the London Institute. It was established as an Institute in its own right in 1950 and subsequently divided into three separate Institutes:

  • Insurance Institute of Chelmsford
  • Insurance Institute of Ilford
  • Insurance Institute of Southend

In 1999 the Ilford Institute re-joined Chelmsford and in 2004 Southend re-joined.

Since the early Eighties we have seen dramatic changes in our Industry caused by Centralisation, Computerising and re-structuring. Many of the Major Players who had moved to the East of London were now centralising further afield with the consequent closure of offices around Ilford, Romford and Southend.

Whilst change has also affected the Major Insurers in Chelmsford this has not been as dramatic as in Southend or West Essex and the area continues to be a Centre for Insurers, Brokers and Adjusters providing Services throughout the East London and Essex Area. In recent years there has been growth of Insurers, Lloyds Syndicates and Intermediaries in and around Chelmsford and to a lesser degree in Romford.

Following the merger in 2004, the Chelmsford & South Essex Institute is now the 6th largest local institute in the UK, with over 3600 members.