Wed 25 Oct. 2023

Fire! Risk & Revelations : '250 years of insurance fire brigades' by the Insurance Museum

Insurance Museum launch their final gallery to complete their first ever online exhibition - 'Fire! Risk and Revelations'

The exhibition features four galleries, each sharing the history of fire insurance from its birth
back in 1667 following the Great Fire of London, right through to 1929 and the introduction of
insurance firefighting brigades.

The fourth and final gallery as part of this series ‘250 years of insurance fire brigades’ will
launch on Wednesday 25th October 2023 and looks at the impact James Braidwood and the
London Fire Engine Establishment (LFEE) had on the history of firefighting.

The story continues up until the insurance brigades were handed over to municipal control
and explores responses to economic and global change, including the emergence of
professional bodies, some of which later formed the CII – the beginnings of reinsurance
and the introduction of composite insurance.

The galleries all feature video interviews with sector experts and historians, with interesting
facts and fascinating objects from archives, private collections and museums from across the
UK. You can view all the galleries on the Insurance Museum website here – https://insurance.

How you can be involved

To support the Insurance Museum you can donate money through our website – https://insurance.
museum/donate or JustGiving Page –

Alternatively, for £50 a year (with 20% off for CII members), you can become an IM Member which offers articles, podcasts and events which take a deep dive into insurance history and the museum’s plans, email for more information.