Past Presidents

The Insurance Institute of Manchester President is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and chairs the governing Council. There have been over 140 Presidents of the Insurance Institute of Manchester since it was formed. The first was J. B. Northcott in 1873 and, although times have changed, the ultimate objective of the institute and President remains the same to this day: to promote education and emphasise professionalism.

Past Presidents
2023 Mrs S McDonald
2022 Mr P Heathcote
2021 Mrs E Moore
2020 Mrs E Moore
2019 Mrs V Royle
2018 Mr S Desai
2017 Mr S Bridge
2016 Miss K Jackson
2015 Mr F Griffin
2014 Mr M Jackson
2013 Mr B Thompson Cert PFS
2012 Mr D Gillan ACII
2011 Ms K Cartridge Dip CII
2010 Mr N Erwin
2009 Mr S Mason
2008 Mr D Barton-Sharratt