President's Message


“I am delighted to have been elected as the President of Nottingham Institute for the forthcoming year and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you all, letting you know what we’re doing to support our members through what is clearly going to be a challenging period.

We have a number of new members who have stepped up and joined us within council and I am sure they will bring new ideas and even a different outlook to what we can achieve for you all.

Our Assisted Learning Programme started in January and has been a huge success. We stepped up to reorganize the delivery of the workshops, when the government scuppered our plans for classroom session(!) and were able to organize virtual meetings with Alan so that we did not need to defer the opportunity for the members to move forward, and that, in the main, was down to their tutor. The delegates tell me this is a fantastic help for them and it is credit to the tutor, Alan Chandler, who is doing a fantastic job for our members who were accepted on to the program. Hopefully, we’ll see lots of newly qualified professionals next year and I, or my successor, will be delighted to present each and every one of them with their certificate!

Talking of my successor, you can find full details of all council members and their roles on the web-site, and Joanne Marriott has agreed to be the Deputy President, working with me to deliver a vibrant program this year and then take over in 2021 as your president. I am looking forward to working with Joanne and I am sure she will show her commitment too.

I would also like to welcome our new members as it is always great to have fresh ideas and it is important that you know we will appreciate your contribution. Thank you for committing your time. 

This year is going to be difficult as the UK starts to come out the other side of the lockdown and we all know that this will be an "eventful" and worrying time for businesses, which will put pressure on all professional bodies to come up with different ideas to engage members and support the local area, and we are no exception.  We intend to look at everything we currently offer and ensure that it remains of value to all of our members and that the delivery of events meets your needs.

It is important that we look to change and develop, and the past few months have taught all of us some lessons regarding how we can do the things we’ve always done, but in a slicker and more efficient way. Not our choice, but necessary. That experience is something we can bring to our services to you, l too, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve.

Look out for webinars, zoom meetings and “virtually” anything is possible! We aren’t stopping the group and face to face CPD sessions and social events, merely deferring them until it’s safe to start again, but we still want to offer you valuable CPD, and we’ll do that. I am sure you, like me (as you can see from the photo!) like the social / fun side of being part of the NII, and we have every intention of bringing that back as soon as we can.

Keep your eye on the website, we’ll be posting regular updates both here and on our LinkedIn page.

Let’s make 2020/2021 a year to remember for more than a pandemic!

Helen Wilcox

President, Nottingham Insurance Institute

When you become a member of the CII or PFS, you automatically join a local institute of your choice, usually close to where you live or work.  

There is currently a network of 60 local institutes across the UK.

We are a dedicated group of industry professionals that voluntarily give up our spare time to offer a range of key benefits to CII members in the local area.

We currently provide:

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