President's Message

  • Joanne Marriott
  • President


We have a winner!!!

Following a fantastic nomination from her colleagues, Shaneece Deep has been recognized as the High Achiever for the presidential year 2020/2021.

As there was no dinner this year due to COVID Restrictions, we arranged a virtual presentation for Shaneece at work, which allowed her to enjoy the moment with her colleagues.

The staff and directors of Firth & Scott were great at helping me organise the “reveal”, so thank you all. In addition, some of our council members managed to attend including Nick Onslow our Education Secretary and Joanne Marriott who will be our 2021 / 2022 President.

Shaneece was nominated as follows:

“She started work at Firth & Scott in January 2020, never having any experience with Insurance before, so this was a new start to a new career for her. 

She had literally started to embrace insurance when Covid arrived, and we were all promptly sent to work from home. During this time, Shaneece has worked tirelessly to keep her learning on track.  Not only that, but at the time of this nomination, in January 2021, she had also passed her first 2 Cert CII exams whilst learning remotely and is due to take her next subject within hours of the presentation!

All her colleagues came back into the office for a few months but were soon locked down again, and Shaneece faced the challenge of building her knowledge and experience only by being mentored at a distance.

She has been positive and so keen and eager to learn and help us out as much as she has been able to under the circumstances and is always smiling. 

All at Firth & Scott sincerely think she deserves recognition for stepping up to the challenge and is very valued.” 

Shaneece was judged a worthy winner and our congratulations go to her for all she has achieved in a very difficult period for us all.

Joanne Marriott, President


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