President's Message

  • Daley Smith
  • President

Dear Members of The Insurance Institute of Perth and Dundee,

It is my honour to serve as your President for the next two years

My objectives are to enhance the assistance we offer to our CII and PFS members, to attract new talent from the local CII community to join us on council and to increase the involvement of PFS members.

Along with the success of our online CPD events that were necessary over the past three years, we plan to keep providing a variety of in-person events to encourage a collaborative approach to learning and networking, which had been widely appreciated in the years prior to the pandemic.

Aside from providing support to our members, I am enthusiastic about directing attention towards the future of our industry. To this end, I aim to carry forward the initiative introduced by my predecessor, Charlotte Watts, to work together with nearby schools and colleges to encourage more young talent to pursue careers in our field.

Our dedicated council members are the backbone of this organisation, and I cannot overstate the importance of their contribution. Our council meetings take place monthly, and we are always open to welcoming new members to the team. Moreover, we value your input, and your feedback is always appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Daley Smith