President's Message

The perception and scale of Public Trust is a key focus. Personal reputation is something I believe in and this extends to the view of our profession. Yes, it could be argued we work in an area which by its nature carries a view perhaps deemed by people as complex and confusing. Even though it is difficult, it doesn’t mean to say it is impossible.

Trust and Experience

This year’s theme is a combined effort of trust, from both within the profession and the general public outside.

From undertaking our Treasurer role over the last 6 years, I have seen first-hand how the various activities benefit our members. Your local institute is already a successful one and held in high regard. There will be no wholescale changes, perhaps just a few subtle tweaks over how we further promote what we do and how well we do it.

Public Trust Initiative

My recent years on this planet have taught me some valuable lessons.

As well as providing support on life’s challenges, such as friends, family or professionals, insurance and personal finance markets also assist in planning the route forward and dealing with the change. It can be said you need to – live to learn.  I often hear the value of insurance comes alive at the point of a claim but what if we have had few challenging life experiences or we are just simply lucky enough to never require an insurance claim? Where there are unknowns - how do we create value?

I find interesting the parallels with support mechanisms now in place and awareness with wellbeing.   Recently I’ve observed a wave of popularity to change the stigma, offer support and be open about life’s challenges. I wonder if insurance and financial planning can learn lessons here and follow suit?

We have so much to be proud of and as an initiative we’ll be looking to reach out to non-financial services groups and see their thoughts, ideas and challenges. Working within the profession there is a realisation of the powers personal finance and insurance have on individuals, families, businesses and the wider communities and society. Does the public agree? Do they see similarities? What can we learn and how do we improve our image?

You don’t know what you don’t know – but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to position and to influence. I am excited by the challenge of exploring this and looking at recommendations. As an output we’ll be looking to create proposals and implement what we can to improve the public trust of the markets we work in.

Undoubtedly, collectively, we will conquer this at some point.

Team effort

Our high calibre programme of activity is continuously updated so please check-in -

We already provide many events so please see which ones you could attend– to name a few; exam education, charity fundraisers, various social and dinner events, high calibre and relevant CPD across General Insurance and Personal Finance which is the envy of others. From our established annual Sheffield Hallam University connections at Freshers’ week and our experienced Past Presidents as mentors, to our Auditors, Secretarial, Communications, Careers, Diversity – the team all contribute so much.

Get involved

I have strongly benefited from involvement over the last 8 years; from the business I work in, to personal development; through education, networking and social elements. These activities, efforts and connections have helped positively influence my career progression.

In the forthcoming months, we will elaborate on 5 areas of the benefits of being involved under the headings - Visibility - Influence - Continuity - Fulfilment – Advantage.

I’m honoured and humbled to represent the CII, our region and of course our vibrant council members whose efforts are truly fantastic; all with the overriding purpose of delivering to our members. But this is not for or about me, it’s time to give a little back. I would love to hear from anyone, young or experienced, to talk to about the career advantages of getting involved with your local institute, helping shape our future and answering any questions you may have.