Would you like a trip to Lloyds of London?

Thursday, 18 May 2023
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm (UK time)
    • Sarah Dotchin

The Bristol Institute is planning a trip to Lloyds of London in May.

Before we book, we thought we would get a gage on how many people would be interested. The trip into Lloyds itself would be paid by the institute and will take approximately 1 hour between 14.15 and 15.15.

We are currently looking on either the 16th or 18th May 2023.

The cost to get to London will be down to the individual but we are anticipating the majority will be travelling by Train and will create and email group for the attendees to discuss meeting up. Or alternatively you could just enjoy a day in London before the visit and just meet us there.

Booking a place now is not committing to this.
This is just working out how many people would like to go and the logistics of the trip.

This is only open to members of the institute.

We will close the booking in 2 weeks and will email the interested people directly in regards to the trip.