President's Message

Welcome to the Cambridge Insurance Institute! I am Sara Thake Dip CII, if you do not know me already, I am an underwriter at Yutree in Newmarket. I am a pianist with a music degree, a wine enthusiast, and a wife (shout out to Mr Thake).

I am hugely passionate about the industry and especially young professionals in the industry – we have so much talent in our institute and it is our duty to encourage and support these hard-working, ambitious professionals to achieve their potential.

Part of this naturally involves studying. I am currently studying for my ACII and it is tough!! But I know I will feel a huge sense of achievement when I complete it.

Please support your local council, we all work very hard to create opportunities and events that you will both enjoy and that will enhance you professionally. We want to encourage your engagement and feedback, so don’t be afraid to get in touch about anything at all.

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Sara Thake
President at the Insurance Institute of Cambridge