Face to face, breakfast session - The art of listening to what people DON'T say

The Exeter Court Hotel
Wednesday, 28 June 2023
8:30 am – 10:00 am (UK time)
    • Jeff Heasman, Founder, Insurance Upskill

Thanks to Jeff Heasman for this face to face training workshop.

Session Overview:

When listening to customers and colleagues, it is as important to understand what they don´t say as what they do say. We are all guilty of cloaking messages and there can be a number of reasons for this. Being left to read between the lines can have disastrous consequences.

By being able to listen for subliminal messages and nuances in communication and identifying the reason why someone is communicating in a certain way, we can avoid any problems manifesting themselves in the future and better understand the true meaning behind a message.

The skills of listening to what people don´t say is as critical as the skill of actively listening to what people do say. The skills taught in this session will add great insight and value to the relationships you build with customers and colleagues.

Venue: Kennford Suite, Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, Exeter, EX6 7UX

Timing: Bacon roll, tea coffee & juice at 8.30am, session starts 9.00am and finishes at 10am.

Learning objectives:

  • At the end of the session attendees will be able to:

    • Identify the importance of being able to recognise what people don´t say as well as what they do say.

    • Understand the psychology behind what drives people to communicate in a way where their true message is not what they are actually saying.

    • Implement a strategy to ensure people feel confident communicating with you in an open and clear manner.

Presenter: Jeff Heasman, Insurance Upskill

Jeff Heasman worked as a litigation executive and senior liability adjuster before branching out into language and psychology.

Jeff holds both a bachelors and a masters of law degree, is a qualified language instructor and also a certified practitioner member of the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology as well as a member of the Association of Business Psychology.

He delivers courses across the globe, either face-to-face or online.

Jeff maintains a close connection to the industry by regularly providing consultancy in areas such as law and communication and he provides consultations with individuals and teams regarding cognitive skills, such as decision-making and problem-solving.

In 2020, Jeff graduated top of the class from the Yale School of Management Executive Education programme in negotiation strategies with a score of 100% across all modules and he is recognised as an expert in the field of negotiations within the insurance industry.

Other areas of specialist expertise include insurance fraud, claims handling and the synergy between product design, brand promises, marketing messages and customer expectations.

  • The Kennford Room
  • The Exeter Court Hotel
  • Kennford
  • EX6 7UX

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