Experienced Professional of the Year

The IASG's “Experienced Professional Award” is an award that is presented annually at our annual Professional Development Group Dinner.

This award will be presented to an:

• An individual who is achieving an outstanding performance within their role
• An individual who is contributing to the wider market in an innovative way
• An individual who has lead a project that has changed the way your organisation operates
• An individual who is making good progress in their professional development and assisting with our industries young professionals development

Criteria for recommendation
Applicants can be nominated or indeed you can nominate yourself as long as the nominee has been working in the insurance industry for more than 10 years and is a member of the CII.

Supporting statement
The personal statement should include an overview on why the nominee should be awarded Professional of the year thus details of any projects or initiatives they have lead or taken part in that have improved working practices across their organisations and/or the profession and support assistance given to Young Professionals within the workplace or outside (30%)

Continuing professional development
This will give an overview on the CPD activity the nomine has achieved over the past 24 months and how that has ultimately developed them as a professional and what support do they offer and provide to our young professionals (40%)

Key achievements outside of work
This section will give an overview of what the nominee does outside their working life to further their networking and professional standing. (30%)