Establishing the Insurance institute of Guernsey

Roger Hall, the last Chairman of the Guernsey Committee of the Insurance Institute of Southampton and key driver of the formation of IIG, provides his recollections of the founding of our Institute.

It should be remembered that up until 1984 Guernsey was a “Local Committee of the Insurance Institute of Southampton”. That status was originally formally established in 1959.

During the 1960’s & ‘70’s a relatively small number of people came to the Island, mainly from the UK, to work in the local branch offices of the major UK insurers of that time. Such companies included Commercial Union, Eagle Star, General Accident, Guardian Royal Exchange, National Vulcan, Norwich Union, Prudential, Sun Alliance and Royal (they were two separate companies then). Almost all of these people were members of the CII from their previous employment in the UK. Some, but by no means all, held CII qualifications. In those days the only Insurance qualifications were ACII and FCII. In addition there were a few industrial life companies with local offices e.g. Pearl and Liverpool Victoria. It should be noted that none of the mainstream UK Lloyds brokers were directly represented at that time, although there were obviously a number of locally owned brokers and agents.

When I arrived in 1973 (with the Sun Alliance) I learned about CII activities from other local insurance managers and the main event then was the annual CII dinner. Monthly lecture lunches were comparatively rare. At that stage there were probably no more than 6 people with CII qualifications.

Over the next decade the captive management business began to expand and the majority of people brought over to man these companies were CII qualified, so by 1983 there were probably about 20 with CII diplomas.

As there was a need to encourage locally born/resident employees to obtain CII qualifications it was realised that there was a greater need for a more substantial CII presence, both from general insurance educational and professional examination perspectives. A few of us within the industry felt that the best and probably the only, way forward was to establish our own Institute.

We made the appropriate enquiries of the CII in London. Their initial response was that we did not have a big enough potential membership. We had then about 60 members of which 20 had CII qualifications. The CII reckoned that it was necessary to have at least 250 potential members for a viable Institute to succeed.

There was clearly no possibility of attaining 250 members at that time and we believed that the number was probably relevant to a mainland situation but was inappropriate for an offshore island. We made enquiries and learned that neither Jersey nor Isle of Man had anything like 250 but had been established as independent institutes for some time.

We pointed these facts out to the CII in London and added that, with the growth potential of the booming captive sector, our membership could reasonably be expected to grow to 150 or so within a relatively short period. After a bit more huffing and puffing on their part, they eventually conceded and said that providing we had the official sponsorship of our parent Institute (Southampton), they would grant Guernsey full independent Institute status.

Southampton were very supportive and so, in 1984, the Insurance Institute of Guernsey was established.

Past Chairmen of the Guernsey Local Committee

1959 R. H. Le Prevost, ACII 1971 R. A. Eagle
1960 R. H. Le Prevost, ACII 1972 A. Burns
1961 O. C. Lowe 1973 G. D. Laws, C.Eng., FI Mar
1962 R. S. Mallett 1974 C. V. O’Sullivan, ACII
1963 M. White 1975 C. T. Hockaday
1964 A. S. Ryley 1976 C. T. Hockaday
1965 M. A. Jones 1977 C. J. Stevens
1966 J. Lee, ACII 1978 D. M. Jones, ACII
1967 A. A. Watson, BEM 1979 M. R. Bennett
1968 D. M. Leach, ACII 1980 R. K. Pleasant, FCII, AIB
1969 J. R. Whitaker, ACII 1981 M .B. O’Brien, ACII
1970 J. A. Riddle, ACII, FBIBA 1982 T. K. March
1983 R. A. Hall, FCII

Past Presidents of the Insurance Institute of Guernsey

1984 G. R. Lane 2004 C. Wakeham, Dip. CII
1985 D. J. Ward, ACIL, ACII, FIRM 2005 C. Le Conte, ACA
1986 E. Robb 2006 M. Johns, ACII
1987 M. A. Ward, FCII, FIRM 2007 R. Grant, Dip CII
1988 C. Schofield, FCII 2008 D. Millar, ACII
1989 M. J. Savage, B.A., FCA 2009 A.B. Mills, FCII
1990 P. R. Walpole, ACII, FIRM 2010 P. Rowe, B.Sc.Econ., FCII
1991 G.M. Powell, B.Sc., FCII 2011 G. Le Page, ACII
1992 J.F. Wills 2012 C.A. Beaton FCII
1993 L R. Le Messurier, FCII 2013 C.A. Beaton FCII
1994 M. A. Dallamore, FCII 2014 L. Jackson ACII
1995 M. G. Carvill, ACA, ACII 2015 L. Jackson ACII
1996 R. J. Gale 2016 L. Jackson ACII
1997 C. Bradley, B.A. (Hons), ACII 2017 S. Beatty ACII
1998 I. Morris, B.Sc., FIA 2018 A. Goater, B.A. (Hons) CERT CII
1999 G.T. Snell 2019 M. Carvill BSc.(Hons) ACII MCSI MICA
2000 K. Richards, ACII 2020 M. Carvill BSc.(Hons) ACII MCSI MICA
2001 K. D. Bradley 2021 J. Stewart ACII
2002 S. Clancy, ACII 2022 J. Stewart ACII
2003 P. Sykes, B.A., M.Sc., FCII, ACIS 2023 W. Woodford Cert. CII