Fantasy Football 2021

Friday, 13 August 2021
6:30 pm (UK time)

After the great success of last 2 years, I am pleased to announce that we are going to run the new Nottingham Insurance Institute Fantasy Premier League for the upcoming 2021/22 football season.

So, if you see yourself as the next top manager then try our NII Fantasy Premier League 2021/22, which starts on Friday 13th August at 6.30pm.

The league will be using the official Premier League fantasy football site, so, if you are interested or entered last year(and wish to try again) then you will need to register by following this link:

If you have not competed in this game before, then I would encourage everyone to read the Rules which can be found in the Help section of the site.

It is FREE to enter the league and our competition for all CII and Professional Members aligned to the Nottingham Institute. I will be sending over monthly league tables to see how everyone is doing and will be also hosting a prize winner evening and event (hopefully!) at the end of the season, to hand out prizes to those who have been victorious. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and of course a wooden spoon prize of course – details of the prizes are to be announced.

Once registered, please let me know your email address and the company which you work for, so that I can send you an invite to join the league. DO NOT WORRY, if I have not got back to you, just make sure that you register a team before the deadline, which is Friday 13th August at 6.30pm. Entries will be closed on Friday 3rd September. Please email me at: for the league codes.

So why not give it a go, it is free to enter after all!

Many Thanks

Andrew Fennell,

Deputy President

Nottingham Insurance Institute