Cyber Breach Claims – Key Technical & Legal Points

Session 2 - 10:10 to 11:10 - Booking Code G3


Session Overview

This session will be focused on cyber breach claims. We will look initially at the most common types of breach incident, with an inevitable focus on ransomware. We will discuss they key technical and legal points to be aware of as well as some of the common coverage concerns.

In the latter half of the session, we will focus on data subject litigation, which has seen a particular surge over the last 12-18 months. Recovery for "distress-only" and "loss of use" of data, along with "no win, no fee" arrangements have made claims by individuals affected by data breaches increasingly common. However, there are some cases before the Courts currently which could stem the tide to some degree.

For those interested in cyber and wanting to know more about the current hot topics, this session should provide plenty of breadth and clarity.

Presenter: Richard Breavington, Partner, Head of Cyber & Tech Insurance, RPC

Richard and the team have worked with NMU for a number of years as the provider of breach response services under their cyber policies.

Richard has been dealing with cyber breach incidents generally since before they were the talking point which they are now. When he initially started, the Cyber & Tech Insurance at RPC team involved two people spending part of their time responding to occasional incidents.

Over 5 years and over 500 incidents later, the team is now comprised of eight lawyers working full time on cyber and tech matters and has gained a wealth of practical experience.

Richard has advised on a full range of breach situations at senior levels of a range of insured and other corporate clients.

Richard Breavington