President's Message

  • Dr Claire Davey
  • 2024/25 President

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

What a privilege it is to serve as President of the Insurance Institute of Royal Tunbridge Wells. I wish to extend my thanks to former President Paul Walker, and the past Presidents who still serve on Council to offer guidance and mentorship. This Institute runs on the voluntary work of Council members who have all been incredibly generous with their dedicated service and attention - its legacy is testament to them.  

I look to continue the key initiatives from last year, particularly strong liaison and participation with the PFS through our representative, Pierre Coussey. We will maintain our strong CPD and events programme, and continue our drive for succession planning through our inaugural Early Career Bursary programme.  

On Monday 22nd April we hosted our AGM and elected the following individuals:

Deputy President: Chris Stevenson-Smith

Treasurer: Tom Woolley

Secretary: Chris Stevenson-Smith

CPD Secretary: Emma Birchard

PFS Representative: Pierre Coussey

Charities Ambassador: Clair Moore

Dinner Secretary: Daisy Llewellyn

Diversity Co-ordinator: Emma Birchard

Communications Officer: Christopher Digby

Regional Forum Officer: Paul Walker

Early Career Bursary members (non-elected): Charlotte Adams, Daisy Llewellyn and George Richards

Voting Vice Presidents: Rebecca Eastwood and Francesca Dulley (as well as other office holders)

I look forward to working with this robust and talented team to deliver an ambitious agenda for the 2024-25 period, centred on the goal of ‘Community Outreach’. 

Our focus on Community Outreach will be underpinned by three key pillars: 

  1. Enhanced communication: to increase transparency, awareness and engagement with the Local Institute, both internally and externally.  
  2. Role & presence: enhancing our value to our local insurance and professional community through a dedicated focus on networking, education and charity. 
  3. Strong partnerships: leveraging and supporting our key partnerships with PFS, Southern region, and Insurance Institute of Mid-Kent to ensure our relevance and strength within the CII 

If you’d like to be part of this journey over the next 12 months, and live or work in the Tunbridge Wells area, assign your local institute to us via your CII Network Know How Account. Alternatively, drop us an email at

Dr Claire Davey

2024/25 President – The Insurance Institute of Royal Tunbridge Wells