President's Message


Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Southampton. It is such an honour for me to take on the role of president for our local institute.  We have a fantastic local council that is really focused on providing the best possible support to our local membership. 

We can all talk to the challenges that we have faced over the last few months – and yet the industry has continued to develop and adapt, just as it has for hundreds of years.  I really do hope that we can take the best of our collective experiences forward and focus on achieving great things. 

My key themes for 2021/2022 are as follows: 

1) we will focus on young talent within the industry - ensuring that our offerings are effectively scoped towards the needs of this population whilst supporting the potential talent challenges that the industry faces in the future

2) a strong drive to support the industries goals on diversity and inclusion. Supporting individuals within the region to explore opportunities and finding ways to support local businesses address the topic of diversity and inclusion. This will include ensuring that we can create a focus on attracting individuals of all backgrounds into the industry whilst also ensuring that members and businesses understand what it means to be inclusive.

3) we will explore with our members and local businesses the topic of sustainability and the role that the industry plays in supporting this critical focus - providing insight and learning materials to support our membership.

I have been a member of the Southampton Council for 3 years and admire the focus that we have on serving our members.  We have a lot to offer and we welcome views, feedback, opportunities from our members at any time. 

David Nichols


The Insurance Institute of Southampton