President's Message

I would like to welcome you all to the Insurance Institute of Southampton; I look forward to meeting each and every member and non-member that attends one of our excellent seminars, or social events.  Don’t forget each and every seminar counts for CPD hours.

Your local Institute has been together for more than 100 years and our council work tirelessly to ensure that you as members get value out of the Institute.  We welcome all members and non-members to please support our events as you are the people that help get the message out to other colleagues that may not have heard about what we can do for them. The CII is about helping people to get the best out of their working life and career by meeting other professionals.  

Throughout the year we will keep all members updated with our events by communicating them and any news in as many ways as possible, so please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin and twitter @ciisoton.  We welcome our members to contribute to the tweets and postings.

CPD is always valuable; if you are unable to attend a local seminar, don’t forget to look on the website for links to the on line CPD audio presentations. 

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Alyson Farmer
President at the Insurance Institute of Southampton

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