President's Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Sussex website.

Our profession has stood firm since 1691 in the face of war, plague, fire and famine. Our modern courtship with the pandemic, mounting war in Europe and the modern risks of fire in housing stock are a clear indication that our profession, particularly with the professionalism that membership of the Chartered Insurance Institute brings, is needed now more than ever.

At a local level, I am keen to see more events in person over the next 12 months, especially where these allow our novice members to engage and learn from experienced members. I also want to build a community network amongst us all.

Whether online, face to face, national, regional or local, our events are open to all members and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that these events bring. Full details are shared with members and promoted on our website. I remain committed to ensuring that our diversity and openness is clear. We have a vacancy on our Council for a diversity officer, so please email me if you would like to help us in this vital area.

I am also keen to engage with local schools, and colleges along with career returners and others who may be seeking pathways into insurance and financial services. Again, please email me if we can help you, your school or college with this in any way. Further, I would like to reach out to anyone who is in the industry already but is seeking extra support.

Alongside this, we are also looking to do more work and gain greater traction with key employers in our region. I am keen to highlight the advantages of a developed professional workforce and the value and culture that it creates within an organisation. I welcome all key employers in the region to engage, and I look forward to speaking with you all! 

Finally, remembering the tragedy and continued outcomes of the pandemic and cost of living crisis, the nominated charity for this presidential year will be The Insurance Charities. I have first-hand knowledge of the support they can provide in challenging times and wish to work closely with members to ensure that we raise awareness. The Charities is there for all of us who have worked, in any role, in the insurance industry in the UK and Ireland and for our families. It is our collegiate benevolence and our legacy.

I am proud to accept the role of President and am your humble servant for this year. 

Amy Green
President, Insurance Institute of Sussex