President's Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Swansea and West Wales.

I am extremely proud to be elected to the role of President of the Swansea and West Wales Chartered Insurance Institute for a second time, having really enjoyed my first time as president in 2014.

The council are made up of experienced insurance professionals who give their time freely to promote the Chartered Insurance Institute and its members in the area.  I would urge any of our members who would like to get involved on the council to contact me.

I have been elected in a difficult time for the insurance Industry, the Coronavirus is presenting many challenges for us all, but I can see with pride the way in which the industry is adapting to these times.  Our professionalism with enable us to get through this stronger but I see many challenges ahead.

Education remains the heart and soul of any Institute and we look forward to providing interesting and engaging CPD talks for all our members during the next twelve months, whether that be via social media platforms or in person once the situation allows us.

Social events may be more difficult during the next month and beyond, but I am looking to meet as many members as I can whenever the opportunity arises.