YPG - CPD Event - Energy

Tuesday, 23 June 2020
10:30 am – 11:30 am

Available to all CII members.

The way we behave is driven by how we feel. How we feel is driven by how we think. Energy teaches us to recognise that our thoughts are just STORIES we have the power to change. When we do, we can shine – showing up as the best version of ourselves, every single day.

In this session we look at how stress, mindset and limiting beliefs work and how they can restrict our energy, resilience and calm.

We can learn to control our mind – realising we don’t have to take our thoughts so seriously.
We can learn to tame how we feel and act – realising our responses do not have to come on autopilot.
We can learn to look inside ourselves and see our patterns – realising we have the power to free ourselves from past programming, limiting beliefs and behaviours.

These are subtle and deep skills, perhaps a lifetime’s work. But even in this short webinar we can get a glimpse at how they work, do some practical exercises, and get some tools to takeaway to help us release from stress and unhelpful thinking, gain more resilience and calm, and show up shiny every day.

Normally only available as part of the Live BIG Leadership programme, we have shared this ENERGY training and taught the STORIES tool to thousands of people over the last decade and it's honestly changed people’s lives. It's beautifully simple and can be incredibly powerful in the right moment.

Once you have signed up for this webinar, you will be sent an exclusive link to join.

We truly believe it's one of the essential skills we need to help us to deal with what’s happening, with more focus, clarity and meaning. To remain happy, motivated and energised, to be kinder to those around us, and to even learn, grow and achieve through these challenging times and beyond

CII Accredited

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