YPG - CPD Event - Focus

Tuesday, 07 July 2020
10:30 am – 11:30 am

Our lives can be overwhelming anyway. In one day of our lives today we consume as much information, have as much stimulus, as many things thrown at us - as would have done in an entire lifetime in the 15th century.
But add in the complexities of homeschooling whilst working, of having to rapidly innovate, of changing markets and clients, and changing ways to work because of coronavirus…

And it's not a surprise that many people feel they lack Focus.

So this week’s Live BIG webinar is here to help

Imagine if at any given moment, you knew the 3 most important things for you to Focus on and achieve, kept them in your sights, and acted on them. Or if you could walk up to person in your organisation and they could tell you the three things they were focused on right now.

And imagine if that BIG 3 lined up with their teams’ and the organisation’s goals, and their own Sweet Spot – the areas they are strongest in, love the most and where they are able to make the biggest difference.

That’s what real focus looks like.

So... in the webinar we will:

1. Look at the stories, science and psychology of Focus. Understanding why it's seen as so difficult.

2. Realise that Focus is actually easier than we think if we understand the approach, choose the right mindset and use simple coaching skills.

3. Create your personal BIG 3 Focus. Your most important goals for work or life.

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