Golf Society

The Insurance Institute of Guildford has an independent Golf Society that works closely with the institute to bring together those wishing to play golf and socialise.

The Golf Society was originally formed in the 1960’s and has a rich history. It enjoys a popular and strong membership right up to the present day.

The society competes each year in the South of England Cup against teams from Brighton, Portsmouth, Reading and Southampton.

The society also collaborates with the institute on a Charity Golf Day, which is open to all Golf Society members and all members of the Insurance Institute of Guildford.

How can you get involved?

The society is open to all who work in the insurance industry. You do not have to be a member of a golf club or need a handicap certificate to join. All that’s required is completion of a membership form plus a joining annual subscription of £20.

It’s a great way to meet a diverse group of individuals from the industry, past and present.

If you would like to join the Golf Society, please contact:

Ralph Horne (Secretary)

01483 821206

The Golf Society has their own website that enables you to record your scores and monitor your performance. A username and password is provided upon joining.

If you want to try the Golf Society without joining, contact Ralph who will be more than happy to assist.