Tue 19 Apr. 2016

Supporting the Insurance Charities

The Insurance Charities exist to support people from the insurance community who have fallen on difficult times. From their office in London they ask representatives from local Institutes to visit potential claimants and report back so that their decisions can be made. Tony Coxon, our charity visitor, reports on his two most recent cases.

Mr T

Mr T is in his 70s and lives alone. He held a senior position at a national broking company and then left to set up on his own.

For various reasons his company and then his marriage failed. He rents a one bedroom flat and lives on his small pensions, benefits and an annual grant from the Insurance Charity. They also help with a payment for a small holiday and a hamper of “goodies” at Christmas.

His health is deteriorating so at Tony’s request this year a grant has been made available for his bedroom to be decorated.

Jenny and Max

Jenny has worked in insurance since leaving college and has two children. Max is 2 and suffers from cerebral palsy spastic depligia. This affects his ability to move his legs and also affects balance, speech – his life generally.

There is an operation, not available on the NHS, which should help significantly and can be carried out in the USA. The family are determined that Max will have this operation later this year. The overall cost, including transport, accommodation, post operative care and physio will be approximately £70,000.

The Insurance Charities has agreed to fund the operation, travel and accommodation costs which equates to just over half the total money the family need to raise for Max. So, the family still have a massive amount to raise – could you help?



Remember, these are just two ordinary people from the insurance world. Their lives were going fine, then bad luck struck. Borrowing a slogan from the Lottery, “it could be you”. Please look out for the Insurance Charities Awareness Week 20-24 June 2016, and give as generously as you can. www.theinsurancecharities.org.uk