Uncommon Sense for Health & Performance - The Six Actions

Thursday, 18 January 2024
10:00 am – 11:00 am (UK time)
    • Ollie Martin, Health & Human Performance Consultant and Author of "Uncommon Sense", Nick Thomas & Associates

This session delivered by Ollie Martin, author of ‘Uncommon Sense’, introduces you to six simple daily actions that will make you fitter and healthier than the majority of the population, and help ignite your performance and productivity. This myth-busting presentation will give you the latest hacks on what works and what does not, interspersed with short practices and tests to support engagement, and illustrate and support learning.

Content & learning

    • An overview on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle with what really works and what doesn’t
    • A scientific overview of research on areas including the autonomic nervous system, epigenetics, ‘functional reserve’, biochemical individuality and more
    • An exploration of why the 6 actions really work
    • The inter-connectivity between each of the six actions
    This session provides an overview of the six fundamental actions that support health. Subsequent sessions in the series will explore each of the six actions in greater detail.

Learning objectives

  • To improve performance and energy levels
  • To understand how building energy is the key to performance
  • To give easy, actionable pointers for everyday use
  • To demonstrate the alignment of scientific and holistic approaches in a practical way

About the Speaker

Ollie is an acclaimed Health Coach and Author, who has spent over twenty years helping transform the health and performance of thousands of clients ranging from businesses to professional athletes, couch-potatoes, and retirees. Ollie has a background in high level sport and sports science. He has trained and studied with a range of institutions across multiple fields to include the CHEK Institute, the American College of Sports Medicine, and in Biogeometry and Tai Chi. Through this and his wider research and experience, Ollie has developed his own unique and integrated approach to health and performance encapsulated in his new book ‘Un-common Sense’ [available on Amazon].

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