President's Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Bedford and Milton Keynes.

It is with great honour that I take on the presidency of this Institute at such an interesting time of renewal for the industry and the community in general.

I want to thank Rachel Kirkup, our outgoing president for her tireless commitment and dedication this past year. I would also like to thank the council for their hard work in making it a wonderful year.

As we carry on the great work done by my predecessors, I urge members of our institute to get involved with the council in any way they can. By working hand in hand, we can build a formidable and mutually beneficial community together.

Over the next 12 months, I aim to focus on deepening industry and community participation and support. To achieve this overarching goal, the council will focus on the following themes:

  • Ensuring stronger stakeholder engagement with and deepening support for individual members and CII/PFS employers.
  • Creating awareness among 6th-form students and the youth in colleges and universities of the CII/PFS profession and its apprenticeship and training opportunities.
  • Deepening regional and local collaboration among professionals, employers and local community groups.
  • Continuing to deliver relevant and excellent CPD learning and development events and seminars.
  • Focus on networking and community building to foster diversity, equity and inclusion.


The council members, who are all volunteers, have worked tirelessly to help the institute achieve its goals of offering CPDs, networking, and social events to create an environment of shared knowledge and beneficial business relationships that boost professional standards and confidence. We warmly welcome anyone who wishes to join the council, as it is an opportunity to give back to the industry and community while also developing unique skills and experiences for a professionally and personally enriched life. With the council's continued efforts and the support of the institute's members, the industry and community will undoubtedly thrive and grow in the coming years.

Please visit our website for upcoming events, articles, and other relevant content and updates. If you would like to get involved or offer suggestions on how we can better support the industry and community, please contact me at or


Suzzie Aidoo ACII