President's Message

Dear Members,

I am very honoured and excited to be taking on the role of President of the Insurance Institute of Ipswich, Suffolk and North Essex. Serving a member of the institute’s council has been an incredibly eye-opening experience for me. I joined with a desire to expand my knowledge of both insurance and the local Ipswich community. I had always been in awe of how some of my more senior colleagues just seemed to know everyone, and seemed to have such a broad knowledge of every aspect of insurance. My hope upon joining was that I would have access to more training, CPD and the opportunity to network and socialise with great people beyond just the people within my company and immediate sphere.

That desire could not have been better fulfilled. Our council is packed with a diverse and impressive mix of people, who I am chuffed to have gotten to know, worked with and very much leaned from. It’s also been great to see our council membership continue to grow and change with some member fantastic people joining and contributing. I very much want to give my all to the role of President and continue along the great pathway that the president’s before me have laid out.

Speaking of the presidents before me, I just want to pay tribute to our outgoing president Laura Blyth. Her stewardship over the last two incredibly difficult years has been exactly what all of us on council have needed, she has kept us all on track and consistently made council a fun and rewarding place to be.  To take on the leadership of an insurance-dominated group as a PFS member and still have all eyes looking to you for the answers and steer, is a testament to her leadership. I also want to thank Laura for making me her deputy last year and her guidance in getting me ready for the role of President.

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Nathan Harvey
President at the Insurance Institute of Ipswich, Suffolk and North Essex


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