Tue 26 Apr. 2022

Phil Rawlings: Time to Say Goodbye

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure on Council and are being elected to the position of President in 2010-11 was a great honour and a highlight. There are members of Council who have served longer tenures but I think it is important to know when it is time to stand aside.

I leave Council at a time when it is as strong as ever and ever been with people of varying experience and skills but with unbridled enthusiasm for our industry. I wish them continued success in supporting the local insurance community. If you work locally and would like to join Council, then visit the website https://www.localinstitutes.cii.co.uk/ipswich/home and make you interest known. It’s great fun and rewarding at the same time.

I am also resigning as a local Visitor for The Insurance Charities provides financial or other material assistance and support to members of the insurance community who need it most. I have met many people who needed help and I was pleased that the charity was able to help all those I visited. There were some difficult and emotional conversations but nonetheless the role left me with a feeling that I have achieved something however traumatic some of those situations turned out to be.

If you work in the insurance industry please give a thought to supporting The Insurance Charities. You never know when they might be able to help you or people you work with. If you are holding a charity event or fundraiser please bear in mind the Insurance Charities who can be contacted via https://www.theinsurancecharities.org.uk/ and they can provide a local contact and other support.