December President's Message

Mon 17 Dec. 2018

A short pre-Christmas note.

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November's Presidents Message

Mon 26 Nov. 2018

As I write this note we are almost exactly a month away from Christmas. It is certainly is starting to feel like winter with temperatures plummeting and the wind feeling decidedly icy. Whilst the run up to Christmas and year end is a very busy time of the year from a work perspective, I really enjoy these weeks as year-end events give me a great chance to catch up with people.

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Introduction to Blockchain

Mon 5 Nov. 2018

Members of our institute turned out in full force on Thursday 1st November to attend our lunchtime session on 'Introduction to Blockchain' by Gary Nuttall. This was a brilliant and informative session; please click on the following link to see the presentation

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FIT Revision Day - 22 November

Thu 1 Nov. 2018

This training course is not being provided by the Ipswich institute, but is being hosted by one of our regular trainers, so it may still be of interest to you.

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October's Presidents Message

Mon 29 Oct. 2018

Hello all – here we are approaching Halloween, the end of October, with winter on the way, and half way through my Presidential year. So how is the year progressing?

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September President's Message

Mon 1 Oct. 2018

Hello all – I hope that everyone reading this is well and has had a successful month. As we approach the end of September, like many others I guess, I can’t help wondering how time seems to pass by so quickly. We are officially in autumn, the nights are pulling in and I have even seen Christmas cards in shops!! Personally, I enjoy all the seasons and for me this a time of year when I can take on things like garden projects without it being too hot. However, as we head towards year end, things start to get even busier at work and at home….sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees….

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