Past Presidents

Past presidents of the institute include:


2024 Paul Tunnell, ACII
2023 Paul Tunnell, ACII
2022 COVID
2021 Paul Tunnell, ACII
2020 Paul Tunnell, ACII (PT Compliance Consultancy Services)


2019 Gabriella Hobart
2018 Gabriella Hobart
2017 Sue McCall Chartered Insurer
2016 Paul Tunnell ACII (PT Compliance Consultancy Services)
2015 Paul Tunnell ACII (Legal & General)
2014 Roger Aburrow, ACII
2013 Roger Aburrow, ACII
2012 Roger Aburrow, ACII
2011 Paul Tunnell ACII (Legal & General)
2010 Paul Tunnell, ACII (Legal and General)


2009 Gillian Reed Cert CII (Cobra Insurance)
2008 Roger Aburrow, ACII (AIG)
2007 Andrew Shepherd, FCII FCILA (Davies Loss Adjusters)
2006 Roger Aburrow, ACII (AIG)
2005 Mrs Susan Goodwin, ACII (Staveley Group)
2004 John Thompson, FCII FCILA (Hilton Thompson)
2003 David J Peters, ACII (Churchill)
2002 Keith Peraux, FPC (Hanover Park Group)
2001 Stuart G Frost, ACII (RSA)
2000 Mrs Heather M McCue (Brian Johnston & Co)


1999 APB Lascelles, FCII (Cunningham Ellis & Buckle)
1998 WJE Russell-Redman, ACII (GAB Robins)
1997 Christopher A Harman, FCII (Legal & General)
1996 DG Pickles, FCII (Alexander & Alexander)
1995 Patrick V Saxton, FCII (CII)
1994 AS Beadle, FCII (Guardian)
1993 Miss D Tunstall, FCII (Robins)
1992 Brendan J Kearns, ACII (Commercial Union)
1991 Gerry Lunt, ACII (Genera Accident Life)
1990 MD Oastler, FCII (Robins)


1989 AFW Harris, ACII (Eagle Star)
1988 BL Meadows, ACII (Millers)
1987 GR Hatfield, ACII (Royal)
1986 JC Williams, ACII (Commercial Union)
1985 AS Hayden, ACII (Thomas Howell Selfe)
1984 JP Voller, ACII (Guardian Royal Exchange)
1983 IJ Kempson, ACII (Royal)
1982 GT Durrant, ACII (Commercial Union)
1981 MI Sheikh, FCII (Camberford Law & Co)
1980 JRM Ball, FCII (Thomas Howell Selfe)


1979 AL Walker, ACII (Norwich Union)
1978 Michael FT Fife, ACII (Brian Johnston & Co)
1977 JR Taylor, FCII (Royal)
1976 DB Clarke, FCII (Norwich Union)
1975 JB Perkins, ACII (Commercial Union)
1974 W Wood, FCII (London Life)
1973 Brian Johnston, ACII (Brian Johnston & Co)
1972 Miss VM Temple (Guardian Royal Exchange)
1971 J Stein, FCII (General Accident)
1970 B Petford (Norwich Union)


1969 DL Fearnley, ACII (Legal & General)
1968 GH Fennell (Zurich)
1967 GB Clark, ACII (Phoenix)
1965 GHC Taylor, FCII (Legal & General)
1964 JJ Austin, ACII (Norwich Union)
1963 SL Gardner (Northern)
1962 NV Tapper (Phoenix)
1961 JH Summerfield, FCII (Eagle Star)
1960 EF Mowatt, FCII (North British)


1959 AJM Holland (London)
1958 AE Oliver, FCII (Prudential)
1957 HS Bowness, ACII (Sun)
1956 AF Crowhurst (Employers')
1954 CHW Ridge (White Cross)
1953 SH Ingham (Scottish Union)
1952 AL Russell (Royal)
1951 CP Smith (London & Lancashire)
1950 RW Phillips (Prudential)

Mohamed Sheikh, Baron Sheikh

President 1981/2

After schooling, Mohammed worked as an insurance agent at the Sun Alliance Insurance Co and moved in 1966 to Household and General Insurance Co, where he worked until 1969.During this time, in 1968, he was also a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.Between 1969 and 1978 he was a member of the Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance, before he worked for the independent financial services institution Camberford Law plc from 1978 to 2009.During this time he was also President of the Insurance Institute of Croydon 1981-1982 and from 1985 to 1987 Member of the National Council of the Chartered Insurance Institute.Between 1989 and 1990 Sheikh worked again for the Insurance Institute of Croydon, this time as chairman of the life and pension insurance group.

Sheikh, who was a member of the Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Association Committee in both 1991 and 1996, became Freeman of London in 1995 and served as chairman of the UK Insurance Broker Association between 1998 and 2002.Since 2003 he has served as chairman of the Sheikh Abdullah Foundation as well as chairman of the Muslim Forum of the Conservative Party.In addition, since 2005, he is chairman of the Council for Ethnic Diversity, an organization promoting the multicultural society in the UK.

A Letters patent dated 6 June 2006 elevated Sheikh to the peerage as a Life Peer entitled Baron Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London .Shortly thereafter, he was introduced as a member of the House of Lords .In the upper house he belongs to the Conservative Party.

Since 2010, Lord Sheikh has been chairman of the financial services and insurance company Macmillan Sheikh plc.He also serves as Chairman and Director of Courtlands Property & Investments Ltd, Lygon Property Investments Ltd, Iqra Ethical plc and Director of Frazer McGill Ltd.

Source: Wikipedia