History of Northampton CII

The Northampton and Bedford Insurance Institute was formed in 1908 at the instigation of local insurance professionals AJ Bennett, PW Dale (who became the first President at a meeting held on 19th June 1908) and JHC Dawes to be a local branch of the Insurance Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. The first event was a dinner held on 17th October at a price of 2/6d (12.5 pence).

The body quickly became affiliated to the national body and a lecture programme was initiated, despite the travelling difficulties associated with the 20-mile distance between Bedford and Northampton - and a dearth of public transport that modern readers will identify with. On the other hand, at least we now benefit from the availability of private transport, something not shared by our predecessors, who frequently had to rely on local hospitality in order to attend events.

The national body became the Chartered Insurance Institute in 1912 and was authorised to grant the degrees of Associate and Fellow, following completion of appropriate examinations.

The membership in Bedford was large enough by 1923 for it to become an independent institute in its own right. The first President of the separated Insurance Institute of Northampton was JW Langley and the body went on to arrange social and sporting gatherings with other institutes in the Midlands.

The Institute has a long history of charitable activites, raising more than £100 for good causes in 1930.

The Insurance Institute of Northampton has continued to thrive since the Second World War, but gradual changes in the character of the insurance industry has reduced the number of large employers operating outside major conurbations. As a result, the Insurance Institue of Northampton has, like so many others, had to rely on the good offices of local employers in order to be able to.