Presentation Skills Workshop 16 June 2020 (Virtual session)

Tuesday, 16 June 2020
9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Presenting information impacts on all of us be it formal or informal. This one-day workshop considers the principal requirements for delivering an effective presentation to an internal team and/or an external audience. Presentations demand that we are structured and professional in our approach. For many, there is a fear of presenting and this can get in the way of delivering the required message.

The morning virtual session will be geared around the principles of presenting. Each attendee will be allocated a personal session of 20 minutes for individual coaching.

Please attend with some information in order to deliver a five minute presentation but don’t produce the full presentation at this stage. If you would like to use power point (this is optional) please bring any potential slides with you on your lap top but you will need to limit the number to four. Remember the purpose of the day is to develop your awareness, with a simple practice session.

The focus of the session is on developing your skills and awareness around the areas of:

• Psychology – the right mental approach
• Delivering – verbal and non-verbal
• Structuring – preparing the presentation
• Managing – keeping control

The style of the day will be interactive, informative and practical with the focus on using the skills immediately back in the workplace.


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

• State the meaning and importance of two-way communication
• Identify the benefits of using appropriate language, tone of voice and body posture
• Plan and structure an effective presentation
• Select appropriate support materials
• Respond positively to questions
• Apply techniques for developing confidence and overcoming nerves


Setting the Scene

  • Programme Overview
  • Introductions and Individual Objectives

Communication and Impact

  • Managing Nerves and Anxiety
  • Personal Presence & Impact

Preparing the Presentation

  • Developing a Logical Structure
  • Setting Objectives
  • Using Visual Aids

Maintaining Control

  • Managing the Logistics
  • Developing Two-Way Discussion
  • Encouraging and Coping with Questions

Putting it into Practice

  • Preparation
  • Presentations & Feedback

Workshop Review

  • Key Points
  • Actions for Personal Development
  • Programme Evaluation

Pre-Programme Preparation

  1. Please identify a work-related topic on which you may have, or will have to deliver a presentation. Bring along any notes or information that may help you, however don’t undertake any detailed preparation. You will have some time on the workshop to prepare, based on the aspects discussed. You will then deliver a short presentation (approx. 5 minutes) in order to practice the skills and process.

  1. Please complete the sections below and bring this with you on the day. The answers will form part of the introduction to the programme.

  1. Experience and situations, you already do or may need to speak to groups

  1. Your strengths when presenting (feedback and/or your perception).

  1. Aspects that you find difficult (feedback and/or your perception).

  1. Your objective for attending (what you would like to achieve).

CII Accredited

This demonstrates the quality of an event and that it meets CII member CPD scheme requirements.

6 hours' CPD can be claimed for this event if relevant to your learning and development needs.

It is recommended that you keep any evidence of the CPD activity you have completed and upload copies to the recording tool as the CII may ask to see this if your record is selected for review. Details of the scheme can be viewed online at