The Society was formed in 1965 at a time when there were dozens of insurance branches and local offices in the Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Stroud and surrounding areas.

One of the founders was Tom Field of N.E.M. and he became first Captain in 1965. Membership was strictly limited to actual insurance employees of companies and brokers. You had to wait to be invited to become a member (2 years was the norm) and there was an annual membership fee which in fact continued until 2010.

The Captain was supported by a full committee and each year there was an AGM & Dinner in early New Year. There were meetings throughout the Spring, Summer & Autumn including matches for trophies with neighbouring societies – Bristol, Swindon & Cardiff. Currently the trophies competed for are “The Tom Jump Cup” awarded to the individual winner on Charities Day, the AJ McNally Cup for the winning team on Captain’s Day and the Morton Cup for the winning individual on the same day.

The group also had away weekends which were well supported and included places like Devon, Cornwall, Hawkstone and, in 1988, Southport where we played at Hillside, Southport& Ainsdale and Royal Birkdale. That one was particularly memorable because we watched on TV as Sandy Lyle won The Masters.

With the start of office closures from the mid-seventies the Society membership gradually reduced, and the away matches also ceased and by the nineties most of the matches and away weekends had gone altogether. If it had not been for the devotion of Ken Newman, our long-term secretary, and a few others the Society would have died.

There are now 3 events per year played across a variety of course in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol and sometimes beyond. The first one in May is called Charities Day when we raise funds for The Chartered Insurance Institute Charities (who also run a National Golf Day in September which one or two of our “members” have entered). Our second is Captain’s Day in July where they (nominally) choose the course and perhaps donates a prize. The third meeting in September has become the Autumn Meeting.

Sadly, IGS wasn't able to celebrate its 55th birthday due to Covid restrictions in 2020 but the group came back together in late 2021 and enjoyed a full season in 2022 at The Bristol, Stinchcombe and Filton

In more recent times we have seen a good influx of new blood and it is anticipated the IGS will go well past its 55th birthday and is now actively planning a bumper 60th birthday year in 2025, maybe an overnighter or a trip to Wales!

We are pleased to announce our 2023 season as follows:

IGS Insurance Charities Day Friday May 12th Cirencester Golf Club
IIC&G Sue Ryder Charity Day Thursday 15th June Brickhampton Golf Club, Gloucester
IGS Captains Day Friday 14th July Chipping Sodbury Golf Club
IGS Autumn Competition Friday 22nd September Minchinhampton Golf Club

If you would like more details, join the membership list or attend one of the meetings please do contact our Secretary, Simon McGill on or 07376 673833