Wed 4 Nov. 2020

Current Times - Oliver Watson

We want to share with you our experiences in the 'current times', this week we hear from Council Member Oliver Watson.

With the second lockdown looming and the nights drawing in for winter, it can be easy to look to stay inside and watch Netflix!

However, I have instead looked to stay active and have joined a challenge and donate to Suffolk Mind and run for the 100 Miles for Suffolk Mind campaign. In echoing Sarah Deacon's current times post last month, I also think it is key to getting out for at least ten minutes a day in order to get some fresh air and exercise. Also, with the majority of gyms closing as well, running helps to provide a relatively low cost way in order to help stay fit! I also find it is beneficial to my CII studies, as it can often provide a creative boost and inspiration to do some post-run studying!

One thing I have found is that with the cancellation of most of this year's running races is the ingenuity of the running community to continue providing challenges in spite of this. This has included the 100 Miles for Suffolk Mind campaign and various other virtual races, which I believe have been great to provide a similar race day training incentive!

For more information on the 100 Miles for Mind campaign, here is the link.

Also, there is an upcoming lunch and learn hosted by Jon Neal of Suffolk Mind, which you can sign up to here.

Happy running!