Fri 31 Jul. 2020

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Jo Mulley

Life in Lockdown as told by council member Jo Mulley - Find out what council member Jo is up to during lockdown.

We want to continue to share what we are doing in lockdown with our institute members. Each week we hope to share the experience of one of our council members. We would love for you to get involved using the hashtag #IpswichCIIlockdown. This week we hear from Council Member Jo Mulley:

'I guess my husband and I are two of the lucky ones and we feel extremely grateful. Our families are healthy and our grown up children have all kept their jobs and are either furloughed or working safely from home. For us, working life hasn’t changed, apart from getting busier and the welcome relief of no travel! We already worked from home regularly so there was no temporary office to set up, we were ready to go.

After a few weeks being ‘locked down’ at home, just the two of us, it became obvious that we both needed to make sure we made an obvious break from work in the evenings and weekends, otherwise the temptation was to just keep working. My husband has ridden a motorbike for many years and a couple of years ago, he persuaded me to take the plunge and get my licence. Just before lockdown I brought myself a Harley! A red one! I was itching to get out on her and as soon as lockdown eased slightly, my husband and I took a ride out. Since then, we have had several easy summer rides out. It’s a great way to unwind and relax and the feeling of the cool breeze blowing through my hair feels like real freedom!'