Thu 15 Apr. 2021

Reflections on 2020/2021

When I was elected President in April 2020, I did not envisage how the next 12 months would be so different to any year that we have ever had to face in our institute’s history. The global pandemic, that we are still having to deal with, challenged all of us on both a professional and personal level. Many of our members have had to work in very difficult circumstances, many were placed on furlough or lost their jobs, and companies were faced with never-before-seen challenges.

As an institute, we were quick to evaluate our member’s needs and utilise our network of speakers to quickly switch to an online CPD offering. This year has seen many existing relationships flourish and we have been excited to introduce our members to many new speakers, all of whom have helped us provide 101.75 hours of CPD covering a wide range of topics. We have provided members with soft skills, specific PFS and GI webinars, along with qualification support which we are pleased to have had such a positive response on. I am proud to have led the institute in providing a leading CPD programme, and have to thank our secretary, David Korn, for supporting me in making this happen.

As well as our CPD programme, other highlights have included the creation of our New Professionals Officers role. This role will continue to be key for our institute in making sure that any member new to the industry is provided with support and a network which they will be able to seek advice and support.

I am proud to look at my presidents’ message, and say that the aims outlined at the start of my presidency have been realised. We were not able to celebrate our member’s successes in the way which we all would have liked, but we contacted all members individually by email to congratulate them on their exam success. The positive responses we received from our members made the hours upon hours of work writing the letters and emails worth it!

Finally, on behalf of our council, I would like to thank our members for their support during the past 12 months. The responses we have had in respect of our CPD programme have been some of the most positive we have seen. It has been a pleasure and honour to lead the Luton & Hertfordshire institute and I look forward to supporting our next president in building on the great foundations we have laid this year.

Tanya Bedford ACII Chartered Insurance Risk Manager