Our Institute's History

The Insurance Institute of Luton and Hertfordshire covers a wide area covering the post-code districts SG (Stevenage), LU (Luton), AL (St Albans), HP (Hemel Hempstead), WD (Watford), EN (Enfield) and some other areas in North London. We currently have over 2,000 members.

1932 - Luton was first established as a local centre of the Insurance Institute of Bedford on 5th May 1932, under the chairmanship of Mr J W Alnwick ACII (Prudential).

1946 - The only record of us as a local centre is in 1946 when the chairman’s badge was stolen.

1950 - In 1950 under the provision of the 1949 Supplemental Charter (Article 4, all local centres who adopted an approved constitution were converted into local institutes. Between the period January 1949 to July 1950 the Luton Institute was established. Originally we were known as the Luton Centre of the Bedford Institute but during this period a separate institute was formed. This was The Insurance Institute of Luton and St Albans.

In the Post Magazine of 22 July 1950 there is a report of a cricket match between the Bedford Institute and the Luton Institute which is said to be the first sporting fixture between these two institutes since Luton achieved full Institute status. This historic article is attached for those who are interested to read more.

1992 - Amanda Blanc now Dame Amanda Blanc, then at Commercial Union Luton, served on our council and also was the winner of the Maurice Hempsell Trophy for the Best ACII completion that year.

1996 - Branko Bjeloababa FCII becomes the Institute's youngest President at aged 26 years and possibly one of the youngest ever in the Chartered Insurance Institute's history at that time.

1989 - In 1989 we became the first institute to appoint a Vice President for life, that was the late Maurice Hempsell.

2001 - The Institute's website was launched.

2019 - On 15th January 2019 a Special General Meeting was held to agree that the Insurance Institute of Luton & St Albans be authorised to change the name of the institute to ‘The Insurance Institute of Luton & Hertfordshire’ and amend its constitution accordingly. The rationale for changing the name was to reflect the larger geographical area now being covered by the institute following the closure of the Watford institute. Many members were now based from Tring to Bishops Stortford and from Rickmansworth to Royston, a much wider region than the name previously suggested.

The motion was agreed and name was changed to The Insurance Institute of Luton and Hertfordshire.

2023 - Chris Lowe ACII celebrates 50 years CII membership! The Journal article is shown if you would like a read. Chris Lowe ACII was also the first male president to serve four terms in office, being 1988, 2007,2008 and 2015.

2024 - The Insurance Institute of Luton & Hertfordshire warmly congratulates former council member, Dame Amanda Blanc on the award of her DBE in the New Year's Honours List. Pictured is Dame Amanda with our Life Vice President, Branko Bjelobaba, together with Dame Inga Beale and former CII CEO, Sian Fisher.

Other Interesting Facts

Our institute is unique as we have had three members receive the three levels of CII service awards:-

Chris Lowe ACII – Distinguished Service Medal

Dick Richardson FCII – Exceptional Service Award

Branko Bjelobaba FCII – Bridgewater Award.