1896 - Our Institute was formed as the Insurance Institute of Newcastle upon Tyne with the first President James Logan giving his inaugural address on 30 October 1896 at Durham University.

1901 - The Newcastle Institute founded a technical library. The demand was so great that a system of fines had to be introduced for returning books.

1902 - Examinations commenced nationally with 17 entrants from Newcastle.

1903 - Newcastle hosted the Seventh Annual Conference of the Federation. The CII was then known as the Federation.

1906 - In the 1906 examinations the Newcastle candidates secured the largest number of honours and passes, followed by London 2nd and Leeds 3rd.

1910 - The first Sports Committee was elected and the first event organised was a Golf Match.

1917 - Newcastle hosted the 21st Annual Conference of The Federation.

1919 - Mr James Logan, Manager of the North British & Mercantile donated £100 to the Institute in memory of his father, the first President of the Newcastle Institute.

1929 - Newcastle hosted the 33rd Annual Conference. It was here that the National President announced the formation of the Insurance Benevolent Fund, so long advocated by the Newcastle Institute.

1929 - A Carlisle Centre was formed but became a full Institute in its own right in the late 1940’s.

1933 - The Insurance Nursing Club was founded in Newcastle.

1939 - At the outbreak of war the membership stood at 732 and in that year 234 candidates entered the examinations.

1946 - Golden Jubilee of the Newcastle Institute and to honour our Jubilee the CII held their 45th Annual Conference in the city.

1948 - The first non-insurance office person was elected President. Jack Smith was a Fire Loss Adjuster.

1963 - Sunderland Local Committee held its inaugural meeting on 29 April but sadly was disbanded in the 1990s.

1969 - Newcastle hosted the 68th Annual Conference of The Chartered Insurance Institute.

1973 - Mrs Audrey Golf was elected President, the first lady to be elected President of the Newcastle Institute.

1978 - Newcastle hosted the 77th Annual Conference of The Chartered Insurance Institute.

1996 – The institute’s centenary year and to honour our Jubilee the CII held their annual conference in the city. Mrs Audrey Gough was elected as our Centenary Year President.

1997 – Audrey Gough was elected Honorary Vice President for Life.

1998 – Audrey Gough received the CII’s Exceptional Service Award.

2005 - The Society of Financial Advisers (SOFA), which was the financial services arm of CII, merged with the Life Insurance Association (LIA) to create the Personal Finance Society (PFS). As a result, the membership of Newcastle Local Institute almost doubled overnight from circa 500 members to over 1,000.

2009 - A charity ball was organised by past president Debbie Roy and we raised over £7,000 for the North East Air Ambulance. We also raised over £2,600 for the Morpeth Flood Appeal at our annual dinner.

2012 – Vincent O’Sullivan was elected Honorary Vice President for Life and received the CII’s Distinguished Service Award.

2012 – A study centre was opened at Newcastle City Library, 111 years after the institute’s first technical library.

2014 – Karen Weir honoured with a CII Distinguished Service Award; Willard Wright elected Honorary Vice President for Life.

2015 - John Bruce honoured with the CII's Exceptional Service Award.

2021 - Vincent O' Sullivan achieved 50 years of service to the local institute, almost all of this was dedicated to the role of exam secretary, where he was responsible for the smooth running of all exams for both GI and PFS.