1896 - Our Institute was formed as the Insurance Institute of Newcastle upon Tyne with the first President James Logan giving his inaugural address on 30 October 1896 at Durham University.

1901 - The Newcastle Institute founded a technical library. The demand was so great that a system of fines had to be introduced for returning books.

1902 - Examinations commenced nationally with 17 entrants from Newcastle.

1903 - Newcastle hosted the Seventh Annual Conference of the Federation. The CII was then known as the Federation.

1906 - In the 1906 examinations the Newcastle candidates secured the largest number of honours and passes, followed by London 2nd and Leeds 3rd.

1910 - The first Sports Committee was elected and the first event organised was a Golf Match.

1917 - Newcastle hosted the 21st Annual Conference of The Federation.

1919 - Mr James Logan, Manager of the North British & Mercantile donated £100 to the Institute in memory of his father, the first President of the Newcastle Institute.

1929 - Newcastle hosted the 33rd Annual Conference. It was here that the National President announced the formation of the Insurance Benevolent Fund, so long advocated by the Newcastle Institute.

1929 - A Carlisle Centre was formed but became a full Institute in its own right in the late 1940’s.

1933 - The Insurance Nursing Club was founded in Newcastle.

1939 - At the outbreak of war the membership stood at 732 and in that year 234 candidates entered the examinations.

1946 - Golden Jubilee of the Newcastle Institute and to honour our Jubilee the CII held their 45th Annual Conference in the city.

1948 - The first non-insurance office person was elected President. Jack Smith was a Fire Loss Adjuster.

1963 - Sunderland Local Committee held its inaugural meeting on 29 April but sadly was disbanded in the 1990s.

1969 - Newcastle hosted the 68th Annual Conference of The Chartered Insurance Institute.

1973 - Mrs Audrey Golf was elected President, the first lady to be elected President of the Newcastle Institute.

1978 - Newcastle hosted the 77th Annual Conference of The Chartered Insurance Institute.

1996 – The institute’s centenary year and to honour our Jubilee the CII held their annual conference in the city. Mrs Audrey Gough was elected as our Centenary Year President

1997 – Audrey Gough was elected Honorary Vice President for Life

1998 – Audrey Gough received the CII’s Exceptional Service Award

2005 - The Society of Financial Advisers (SOFA), which was the financial services arm of CII, merged with the Life Insurance Association (LIA) to create the Personal Finance Society (PFS). As a result, the membership of Newcastle Local Institute almost doubled overnight from circa 500 members to over 1,000.

2009 - A charity ball was organised by past president Debbie Roy and we raised over £7,000 for the North East Air Ambulance. We also raised over £2,600 for the Morpeth Flood Appeal at our annual dinner.

2012 – Vincent O’Sullivan was elected Honorary Vice President for Life and received the CII’s Distinguished Service Award

2012 – A study centre was opened at Newcastle City Library, 111 years after the institute’s first technical library

2014 – Karen Weir honoured with a CII Distinguished Service Award; Willard Wright elected Honorary Vice President for Life

2015 - John Bruce honoured with the CII's Exceptional Service Award.