Hawkins Webinar - Fibre Reinforced Composite Pipes & Tanks/Pressure Vessels

Thursday, 28 September 2023
9:30 am – 10:10 am (UK time)
    • Dr Amir Hajdaei, Associate, Hawkins

In this session Amir explains what a fibre reinforced composite is, where they are used, and some of the methods for manufacturing pipes and tanks made from composites. He will also discuss the reasons why they are becoming ever more popular and some of the failures that can occur in pipes and tanks/pressure vessels.

The learning objectives for this session are:

  • What is a fibre reinforced composite pipe / pressure vessel?​
  • Where can we find them?​
  • Why are they becoming more and more popular?​
  • What can go wrong?

Amir is a materials engineer with extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of materials including metals and ceramics and has an in-depth knowledge of fibre reinforced composites and polymers.

After his master’s degree focusing on nano materials, Amir started working as a research assistant at The University of Manchester where he studied the effect of nano particles in improving the fracture toughness of the fibre reinforced composites.

In 2010, he secured an EPSRC scholarship to continue his research with a focus on extending the fatigue performance of wind turbine blades by localised fracture toughness enhancement methods. Amir has performed several fatigue tests on modified turbine blade stiffeners and investigated the effect of these modifications on crack growth behaviour in fibre reinforced composite materials, both microscopically and numerically.

Having completed his PhD, Amir joined Element Materials Technology as a Composite Engineer, where he utilised his knowledge of mechanical properties of fibre reinforced composites and specialised in time dependent properties such as fatigue and creep/stress rupture. Amir has successfully delivered several composite qualification projects in the energy and aerospace sector. With over ten years of experience working on fibre reinforced composites, polymers and adhesive bonded joints, Amir has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of composite manufacturing methods, as well as composites and polymer failure mechanisms.

Amir joined Hawkins in June 2023 as an Associate and is based in their Cambridge office.

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