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MO5 Remote Revision Course - Insurance Law (second course)

  • Sat 27 Mar 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
    • Alan Chandler

This MO5 remote course is limited to 20 members and will be delivered in a one day session, which will cover all the main aspects of the CII diploma subject MO5 insurance law module.

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WEBINAR: Women's Forum: Effective Communication

  • Tue 23 Mar 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Susan Heaton-Wright, Superstar Communicator

Communicating as a leader is a necessary skill for any leader. For female leaders and emerging leaders, these are particularly important to ensure you lead, make an impression and engage with your teams.

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Webinar-Communicating with Vulnerable Customers

  • Wed 10 Mar 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Webinar
    • Jeff Heasman, Insurance Upskill

It is critical that everyone working in insurance and financial services understands the definition of a vulnerable customer, how to identify a vulnerable customer and what the laws and regulations say. However, the critical next step of how to communicate with a vulnerable customer is often overlooked and lacking in most training sessions on the subject of vulnerable customers. This training session corrects that by providing key skills necessary to ensure that you are able to communicate clearly and effectively with vulnerable customers.

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WEBINAR: Change is good - embracing change

  • Mon 01 Mar 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Michael Quigley, Kataholos

This webinar will show you how to be flexible and adapt with changes to the benefit of all concerned, both in the workplace and in life.

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Hard talk: how to communicate with customers about price rises and other impacts of a hard market

  • Thu 25 Feb 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Webinar
    • Jeff Heasman, Insurance Upskill

As we enter a hard market, so our conversations with clients become harder. Trying to communicate price rises and potentially narrower cover creates significant challenges, and if not handled well, can significantly impact the relationship with customers not only now but in the future. This webinar will provide you with communication strategies that will enable you to communicate with clients in a way that keeps them onboard now and for the future. This is a Zoom webinar.

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WEBINAR: 7 top tips to be an effective learner

  • Mon 22 Feb 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Jeff Heasman, Insurance Trainer

This practical and interactive webinar is perfect for candidates studying towards professional qualifications with either an exam or coursework element. With often limited, or sometimes no tutor support, it is extremely difficult to balance home, work and study.

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WEBINAR: BI Test Case - Supreme Court Judgment

  • Tue 09 Feb 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Damian Glynn, Sedgwick International UK
    • Toby Rogers, Clyde & Co

This webinar will cover the Supreme Court Judgment on the BI Test Case, with views from Damian Glynn, Sedgwick and Toby Rogers, Clyde & Co.

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