Hawkins Webinar - Inclusion Conclusion

Thursday, 17 August 2023
9:30 am – 10:10 am (UK time)
    • Dr Eleanor Jay, Principal Associate, Hawkins

Glass is often thermally toughened, and whilst this imparts strength, it can also leave it vulnerable to fracture by debris from manufacture; inclusions. We will discuss types of glass and the manner in which they fracture, looking at some real life examples.

The learning objectives for the session are:

  • To understand why glass inclusion cases are important
  • A look at the history and raw materials of glass
  • Glass safety
  • Chemically and thermally toughened glass
  • A look at some examples
  • Understand how to maximise recovery/repudiation

The speaker for this session is Dr Eleanor Jay. Eleanor graduated with a 1st Class Masters Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London. Following this, she was employed at Industrial Research Limited in New Zealand (now Callaghan Innovation). Here she developed specialised ceramic filters for use in hydrogen cells, assisting in the purification of hydrogen.

After her first degree she went on to complete a PhD at Imperial College, researching ceramic materials for nuclear (high temperature and pressure) applications. During this time she worked closely with a number of nuclear establishments across the globe with whom she collaborated. Eleanor also spent time in Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, where she investigated ceramic systems for a variety of energy applications such as fuel cells. Eleanor’s PhD work required the use of mathematical, computing and analytical methods alongside more traditional experimental techniques.

After completing her PhD, Eleanor worked as a Research Associate for Imperial College, but was quickly seconded to the Government Office for Science and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to be part of the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Review Board, chaired by the Chief Scientist at the time, Sir John Beddington. The work was commissioned after the House of Lords published a critical report on the future of nuclear energy. She was heavily involved in assessing the UK’s nuclear energy landscape, which involved close communication with stakeholders across the nuclear industry in the UK (including academia, industry and government departments). Eleanor delivered a review of the UK’s nuclear research and development landscape, which was published together with a roadmap and strategy.

After this Eleanor then took up a consultant position with Adelard LLP, who specialise in risk, security and safety analysis for a wide range of industries; defence, nuclear, rail and critical frameworks. Whilst at Adelard, Eleanor established a new specialist work area in hydraulic fracturing.

Eleanor is a Chartered Engineer based in Hawkins Reigate office and specialises in material failures (ceramic, glass, polymers, metals), metallurgy, escapes of water and oil, system failures, and personal injury.

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