The Power of Mindset

Zoom- Webinar
Wednesday, 05 June 2024
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (UK time)
    • Nick Thomas, Nick Thomas & Associates

The Power of Mindset


This empowering session draws on research in the fields of psychology, performance, and neuroscience. It looks at what really drives excellence and how our talent is not a gift we are born with, but something that is developed through opportunity, commitment, and ‘deep’ practice. It explores how our beliefs around the nature of talent can transform our psychology and therefore our success in work and in life. Illustrated by inspiring real life case studies from sport, business, the arts, and everyday life

Learning Objectives

  • To understand research on the nature of talent and the importance of mindset
  • To appreciate how a growth mindset can lead to greater success, happiness, and resilience.
  • To learn how to adopt a growth mindset in our own lives and how to develop and foster it in the lives of others.
  • To learn how to ‘practise’ to optimise results and grow your ‘talent’?

CII Accredited

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