Resilience & Agility - the science of mindset and limiting beliefs

Thursday, 14 September 2023
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (UK time)
    • Tom Flatau

Some people seem to deal with whatever is thrown at them. Long hours, uncertainty, back-to-back meetings, re-structuring, family demands. They take it in their stride.

Old-school thinking has us believe that these lucky people are born with the ability to deal with stress - while the rest of us struggle to cope with life’s constant demands and overwhelm.

Breaking news.

The latest neuroscience and positive psychology research shows that learning to handle stress and develop an optimistic outlook is within everyone’s grasp because we all have the power to literally re-wire our brain! Just as the brain enables us to learn a musical instrument or a new sport, it can also become hardwired to respond automatically to negative stimuli – such as stress. And such thinking patterns can become entrenched.

The destructive power of stress

The results of stress and a pessimistic outlook are well documented. Impaired immunity, risk of major illness. Stress literally kills brain cells, impacting our performance, relationships and quality of life.

It’s time to switch mindset

People with an optimistic outlook and resilience strategies are more productive, happier, healthier and even live longer. With the right support, it is entirely possible to switch mindset even if you are currently buried deep within negativity

Key benefits of attending this session:

  • Create a safe and agile environment, so everyone can perform at their best

  • Expose unconscious “limiting beliefs” that are sabotaging success and growth

  • Know how to change from fixed to growth mindset

  • Learn resilience techniques, backed up by proven neuroscience and psychology

  • Give others ownership and allow them to learn from mistakes

  • Transform your team culture with an organisational growth mindset

Speaker Bio

You’re good with your hands…but your brother is the intelligent one

This is what I was told as a child. Having failed my 11+ exam, and being consigned to being ‘average’, I am living proof that anyone can be who they want to be and achieve a destiny beyond their dreams… and the low expectations of others.

Drawing on ground-breaking neuroscience research and brain-based coaching methods, I transform the behaviours of teams and individuals to deliver growth, engagement and profitability within world-class companies.

With a Masters in Business Analysis & Systems Design and as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, I combine business acumen with an intimate knowledge of corporate culture. I am an accredited brain and behaviour specialist, with over 25 years experience, offering a series of world-renowned programmes to multi-national organisations, including HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Emirates, Siemens and Unilever.

Based on personal experience and sharing real-world examples, I have a passion for explaining – and overcoming – the limiting beliefs, fixed mindsets and biases that thwart the potential of so many.

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