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Make the most of your membership

When you become a member of the CII in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, you automatically join a local institute of your choice, usually close to where you live or work. This network of 58 local hubs is run by councils of members made up of professionals from across the insurance and financial planning professions who volunteer their time and support to provide services to members living or working locally. The programme of support varies across local institutes according to the demands and requirements of its members, but typically includes:

In the UK, your local institute is run by a dedicated group of industry professionals offering a range of key local benefits. This includes:

  • Technical and regulatory seminars, and training courses
  • Career guidance, mentoring and knowledge services
  • Social and networking activities
  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Local news and information

To get involved or to keep up to date with your local institute events and activities please click here.